Saturday, 9 August 2014

Body Shop Haul - Early Harvest Raspberry, Vineyard Peach & Camomile

Dammit  -   You know I cannot resist your pretty smells!!
      I'm just going to say it: The Body Shop (henceforth shortened to TBS cause it's quite a keyboardful) has got the best fruity scents around. They are subtle and have a natural sort of fragrance, as if you're smelling the real fruit. My favourite has been the Vineyard Peach range for over a year, but I think TBS have knocked it out of the park with the newly released Early Harvest Raspberry products. I bought these goodies on The Body Shop UK and my darling mother was kind enough to send them to me all the way from old blighty!! In NZ TBS products are pretty expensive, they have no online store, and their promotions are *KINDALAME* Shopping on the UK website they had a deal which was 'Get £25 off with a £50 Spend ' which allowed me to get everything my little heart desired at what equated to 50% off.
Early Harvest Raspberry and Vinyard Peach Body Lotions
 Early Harvest Raspberry:
 This body lotion is the exact consistency that I want lotion to be: thick enough not to run everywhere but thin enough to get absorbed immideately and not leave me with a greasy feeling. The fragrance is subtle which I appreciate as I am a bit oversensitive to smells. I prefer to wear something like this than perfume.
Link here
Vinyard Peach:
 Aaaah the original favorite! I can never get sick of this smell, it is so gentle and makes me think of nectarines. Side by side with the Rasberry lotion, I noticed that the Peach formula is a bit more thin and runny. Still, it's a small negative to such a yummy product! (Sorry I cannot remain faithful! You are still my first love!!)
The lotions are in the same type of bottle with a really great pump-style cap that distributes the product perfectly.
 Link here

Vineyard Peach Body Mist
This body mist smell just as good as the other peach products: if you like one, you will like them all! I prefer to lightly layer fragrances because I get sick of one individual smell. I already own the Vanilla Body Mist from TBS, which is also gorgeous. I think the two layer really well together. A lot of other reviewers will confirm that the smell dissapears quite quickly but for someone like me, that is a good thing haha!
Link here

Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter
This body butter is rich and delicious - perfect for areas that need more hydration and for colder months. The smell is like raspberry froyo. With the thick consistency and the edible fragrance it feels a little like you're using a dessert as a moisturiser!
 Link here

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
When I wear make-up I usually use baby oil to get it off so I'm used to using oil as a remover. The best thing about cleansing oil is that it does not irritate my fragile skin. They have all these instructions about how you should use your ring finger for putting on cream around the eyes to be as gentle as possible, but then if you use mascara you end up tugging at that same tender skin with cotton pads - it just doesn't feel right! This cleansing oil gets all my makeup off and leaves my face feeling silky smooth as well. The fragrance is very mild and pleasing - but I have to say that it does not smell like camomile at all!
Link here

Almond Hand & Nail Cream
I truely needed this cream for my poor little hands. They do so much for me and put up with such hardships like accidental contact with superglue, acetone and other things that skin does not like. The almond hand cream goes on so smooth and smells faintly of almond blossoms. The only issue I had with this product is the packaging. The lid doesn't fit back on the tube easily, and as you might be able to see from the picture I managed activate the dreaded continuous-flow-of-product even with the most gently of squeezes! After a few uses I realised that this must have been caused from the pressure of the flight over here, as the product has stayed where it belongs since :)
Link here
All in all I am really happy with this haul. TBS is normally a bit overpriced, but their sales and promotions (in the US and UK at least) make up for it and allow grubbs like me to get our mitts on these delicious products. I spent £26.50 on this whole haul which is pretty good considering I could spend that amount on a single item from TBS in NZ. I am not knowledgeable enough to say whether TBS is truly a socially responsible company, especially since I know that they got bought by L'oreal, but I really, really like the idea that they are a good company.

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