Sunday, 5 October 2014

1K Giveaway!

I am so thrilled to announce that 1000 very kind people have decided to follow The Little Mew on Instagram! When I first created my insta account at the suggestion of my blond sister, Lissi Arhens Heimer, I was a total novice and was completely skeptical about trying to forge my way onto another social media platform! How amazing that through abundant hash tagging and chatting with like-minded individuals Instagram has become my number ONE platform for online communication! The positive feedback I have recieved from the community of professional and hobbyist crafters has just been mind blowing. To give even the very tiniest bit back, I collected some cute things to give away.

So these are just some charms ❤  Some kawaii characters that I love, little flower pots (as miniatures) and a small Totoro :) <More pics below> Then I have these pretty little glass star and leaf charms.

 Piggy girl holding her little mouse (based on a plushie)

 The little flowerpots with a mushroom and succulent

 Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma in their Happy Natural Time deer hoods, also based on plushies :) Kirritori will be included as well!

 Mouton the elephant from Sentimental Circus


 These are some FOE hair ties I made, two kawaii pencils and a pen and some findings. They include  clear dustplugs (flat top and with a hole), 2 enameled ring bases, a gold globe ring set, some mini cork jars, and a bunch of silver findings. There are also micromarbles, small beads and coloured phone straps :)

Some cute glittery stickers, and a couple of San-x mini memo pads (and some memo sheets)

 I'll try to fit the charms in this cute floral tin

And finally some postcards from Jetoy (I really hope they're original, but I wouldn't be able to tell >.<) and Rilakkuma Happy Natural Time sticker flakes!

I TRULY hope that I make enough sales to do another giveaway soon as the response has already been so positive, and I just love the idea of distributing cute things to kind people :)

If you haven't already, do take part by clicking the instagram link to the right of this page or clicking here.

The instructions on how to enter are in the giveaway picture on my Instagram page :) The winner will be chosen randomly (most probably by drawing a name out of a hat - I'll try to film it!) on the 12th of October Asia Pacific time.

Good Luck!

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