Monday, 5 December 2016

Lantern Dragon Auctions! (Beware, Picture Heavy Post!)

Hi, everyone! I've got three Lantern Dragons for auction on Instagram that will be running from now for three days. I will post one a day, letting each run for a day, ending at 10am each day. I actually intended to have these as my first eBay auctions but ran into so many hurdles that I will be trying it (eBay) with just one piece (Galaxy Tiger) on the weekend, rather than three precious childrens. I'll be relying on IG, the high level of Decency & Virtue I've come to expect from those who bid and comment, and my own haphazard hosting skills once again!

Here is the Dusky Sky Lantern Dragon inspired by evening colours. Its body and feather-like scales are reminiscent of the muted yet colourful evening sky (8*6.5cm):

I'll put the link to the auction HERE once it starts

This is a Dream Lantern Dragon, the name inspired by its midnight cloak of scales and fluffy, twinkling belly. It is the biggest dragon I've made so far (9.5*7.5cm)! It will be up starting today and will end tomorrow on the 7th of Dec at 10am New Zealand Time (more details and how to bid on the IG post). Here are some pictures:

 Link to Dream Lantern Dragon IG Auction HERE once it starts.

This is the Jade Lantern Dragon, inspired by green stone and the warm dappled light of sun streaming through foliage. It carries a gold lantern and has soft gradient scales (8*6.5cm). Will be up on from the 7th Dec ending on the 8th Dec10 am NZDT:

I shall put the link to the Jade Dragon auction once it starts HERE :)

Right, that's more pictures than you can shake a stick at! As usual, all these treasures have been matte glazed and will come carefully packaged. THIS LINK will take you back to my Instagram page.

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