Sunday, 20 July 2014

Collective Knitwear Haul - Glassons, Factorie & Cotton On

 I have a little (ish) haul for you today from Glassons, Factorie & Cotton On. I don't know if I'm growing up or getting old, but this year my clothes shopping has been less about pretty dresses and more about comfy cardigans: I can't get enough of them! I feel like you can wear them over anything, even hotpants or a party dress, and they just make everything more comfortable, relaxed and daytime appropriate. - I'm really late with this haul due to snowboard trip without The Internets so some things are not available online anymore - I've given alternatives where I could, though, and if you're in AU or NZ pop in-store, you may find that they're still there dejectedly lurking in the sale section :)

Longline fluffy cardigan, Pale pink, Sz 'M' NZ$39.99 - here
Longline fluffy cardigan, Black Sz 'S' NZ$39.99 here
 These two cardigans are my favorite. They have pockets, are long, warm and soooo soft! I got the pink on first in a size 'M' which is just a little bit big for me as I have narrow shoulders (I got a bit over-excited when I saw them in store and bought the wrong size as it was the last pink one there, and I have been dying to get my grubby mitts on some fluffy knits for a long time - I have since seen that they have the whole array of sizes and colours available from their online store). The black in an 'S' fits perfectly. I have seen online that they have some new colours and am seriously coveting the Taupe Grey & Sea Foam!

Light blue trapeze dress Sz 'L' alternative here & here - if you're willing to look elsewhere Missguided has the perfect floral trapeze dress here (the only reason I do not yet own it is that I have had to severly cull my basket when hauling from there as EVERYthing is so gorgeous)
I grabbed this little trapeze dress because I loved the colour and wanted a no-fuss dress that I could layer up for winter. It's really sheer which makes it an ideal layering piece. I cleverly got it in a size 'L' which is huge and a bit unflattering on me, but I still love it. I know the alternatives are not that similar, but they would serve the same purpose, especially the white lace top dress which is so pretty :) I always find it funny how they try to come up with new words for colours. 'Moonshadow' & 'Milk' are just so much more marketable than grey and white.

Suzy cropped sweater AU$19.95 'S' - alternative with numbers here
Fluffy crop AU$9.95 - black one here
Westwood flip skirt, Black Sz S AU$14.95 - here
The black 'Oops' fluffy crop is just perfect (and sums me up particularly well). It is just the right 'cropped' length to cover my short torso and I love the warmth and quality. The baby blue fluffy crop is a bit thin and shed all over the place when I first pulled it out of the box. It has stopped shedding after being given a vigorous shake (while yelling at it, 'you just stop it, ok?' Haha no I'm joking, I would never talk aggressively to my clothes). The little velvet skater skirt is a wardrobe staple that I snatched up when I saw the price, and ideal for winter in NZ with some warm tights. I love Factorie, their sales are proper sales, not like the pretend ones you see sometimes :)

Liana coatigan, Grey Sz 'S' - AU$20.00 alternative colour here
Love this cardigan, it is long, soft and semi lightweight while still being surprisingly warm. The grey colour is a versatile neutral, and if you can fit an 'L' they have a lovely 'Cookies & cream' colour that I actually prefer.
Chunky knit oversized cardigan, Army green Sz 'S' - alternative here
This one is a bit itchy if it's directly on the skin, but is toasty and chunky. If you do find it don't size up too much as they have purposely made it oversized and you will be wading through miles of acrylic knit. They should have added pockets, it's practically begging for them!
I hope you find some things you like! Cotton On has a 30% off your first purchase discount code on signup & Glassons has a 20% one - If it's your first time buying from Cotton On, check out their Typo & Foundation sections, you won't be disappointed. I love fluffy knits and just can't have enough of them, so I'm so happy to see the local retailers stocking them up in beautiful colours and styles!
Fat Totoro Owl Creature (oh it's a cat, sorry)
I will leave you with this picture of my grumpy faced cat, Okami, who watched through the window with disdain as his mummy took photos of herself.

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