Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jewelry Haul - South India

When I was in India this year I decided to get my grubby paws on some of the beautiful handcrafted silver and gemstone jewelry that my hometown (Auroville) makes so well. Although I LOVE the styles and modern quirky ideas that chain stores in NZ & AU come up with (Diva, Lovisa etc.), I get a tiny bit heartbroken when their plated surfaces tarnish so fast >.< ...So I jumped at the opportunity to replenish my long-term jewerly box during my travels!

 I ended up finding some of lovely stuff, including several pearl pieces. I must express some well deserved gratitude to my good friend Lissi who acted as a facilitator (read: enabler) in the pearl-shop-hunting process and quite literally showed me the nacreous light. Although these items are often one of a kind and their online outlets are limited, links & alternatives are included where I could find them. Prices are in Indian Rupees - In a google conversion just now Rs 1000 = US $16.60:

These six rings are from the Tibetan Shop in Pondicherry, India. If you're ever travelling through you can check them out here:
Four Tibetan silver toe rings (worn as knuckle rings in the above photo) Rs 250 ea (L-R bottom photo first three and last ring) a big sterling silver turquoise ring Rs 450 and a petite pearl ring Rs 400 (bought for me by my darling Mother)
I particularly Love the pearl ring because it is so thin and fits my scrawny fingers perfectly. I often wear toe rings as knuckle rings because of the fact that my feet are usually covered

 These pretty ones are from Auroville Boutique, Auro Sunshine Gems and Jewelry and Women's Co-op Handicrafts:
Pearl bracelet (Women's Co-op Rs 250) with clear quartz heart Rs 50 Auro Sunshine, pink pearl & sterling silver anklets Rs 1717 Auro Sunshine here
long pearl necklace Rs 850 Women's Co-op, mint crystal point pendant Rs 505 Auro Sunshine here (it could be chyroprase or chalcedony - I'm not sure!)
 All from Auro Sunshine
Yellow fluorite Pendant Rs 150, petite mint earrings Rs 200 (couldn't find the same ones, but they had some similar fluorite ones here), 2 heart pendants amethyst & fluorite? - Rs 50 ea
These little pearl earrings were also from Auro Sunshine:
Pink pearl earrings Rs 250 - couldn't find the exact same ones, but these little white drops are also so pretty!
Of course you can see that the jewelry I bought is incredibly cheap when you convert the prices to dollars or pounds, and I just want to add that the people making these things really are wonderful artists so it is great to support them - I only wish the Women's Co-op also had an online store because those ladies work really hard too and deserve an opportunity to sell to the whole world! I have just had a look and Auro Sunshine does offer international shipping. I have never ordered from them online, but I'm pretty sure it would be reasonably priced as well.

I couldn't be happier with everything I recieved and hope to spend many years gazing covetously at them. Wait, can you gaze covetously at something you already own?? Please let me know your favorites, and if you do make your own hauls, either online or on your own adventures through South India, I would love to hear about them too!

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