Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sharing the Love: Chibis of my Favourite Bloggers

The fashion and beauty bloggers that I follow have really helped me feel the joy of tapping into my inner stylist regardless of which tiny town I inhabit in this big world. I have thoroughly enjoyed their YouTube videos, lookbooks, outfits of the day and now I've had a glimps of just how much effort goes into maintaining their online profiles I've developed an even deeper respect for all that work!

I thought it would be a sweet idea to give back just a tiny bit by giving them each a little miniature 'chibi' character of themselves, and set to work drawing up some sketches:

As usual my initial sketches look nothing like the finished result! L-R Heyyyjune, Amy Valentine & Leanne Lim Walker
I initially chose +heyyyjune +Amy Valentine  & +LLimWalker. I wanted to make an adorable little Amy with an expletive on her T-shirt as I always find it hilarious that she just is herself regardless, Heyyyjune holding a bunch of makeup brushes, because I think she has a million of them :) and a kawaii Leanne holding onto an anchor, which is one of the things she loves. The anchor and the little Heyyyjune chibi just did not turn out well, but Leannes outfit in her Santa's Little Helper post was sooo adorable. ..and when I saw a pic of +CutiePieMarzia in a super cute Rilakkuma onesie, I just had to go for it.

This is the WIP pic of them right out of the oven:
L-R top to bottom: Amy, Leanne, Heyyyjune & Marzia
Cute Pie Marzia in a Rilakkuma Onesie Pic taken from Marzia's Youtube
...and this is the finished charm:
Cutie Pie Marzia & Maya the little pug
 I remade little Maya and kep her as a separate little 'charm accessory' ;)

This is Leanne looking adorable in her Wildfox jumper and Crown & Glory bow:
Photo used from Leanne's blog here

 ...and here is the chibi:
Leanne Lim Walker
 I also added her little Grafea bon-bon bag because they are so cute!

...and finally Amy Valentine:
Amy Valentine
She has a little Pikachu in her lavender Grafea backpack, and I swapped out the expletive idea for her statement 'As If' T-shirt. Hers is a crop top in white, but I made it in a gradient of clay from turquoise to lilac to incorporate her love for tie-die. I must have mixed 20 different shades of pink, and still could not nail her hair colour! :) You can find Amy Valentine's blog here

I am super excited to send these to them - what a little fangirl I have become! I need to remake Heyyyjune, because she is really the first blogger who I followed avidly. Which one is your favorite, and do you follow any of these lovely ladies?

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  1. I love this idea! Who wouldn't want their very own 'Mini Me' Chibis! Such a thoughtful and sweet idea to give back to your favourite bloggers. You are amazing!


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