Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Two New Tutorials up on YouTube!

So I finally managed to create some video tutorials of my polmer clay creations, and they're up on The Little Mew YouTube channel!

My first one is for some very cute little mermaids:
Here is the LINK

This is the first time I filmed myself and put my mug up on YouTube for the world to see. I did this mainly because I wanted to break out of my fear doing so, and I wanted people to be able to associate a face with the unmanicured hands that awkwardly create beautiful miniatures. So far I haven't recieved much feedback but at least nothing negative. The only constructive criticism I seem to be able to take is 'The only thing wrong with it is I have no idea how you're going to improve on this perfection.' hehe ( つ﹏╰)   I think this is because I work so hard (it took me two weeks to film and edit) at making everything as 'perfect' as I can, and try to find all the faults before anyone else can point them out. Gosh, being so fragile it's a wonder that I have managed to come this far in life without crumbling! Thank goodness that I have positive people in my life and positive people reading/watching my uploads! That being said, the sound quality of my voice in this video killed me! So did the length, going back and forth between tasks, and losing some footage. But I chalk it up to experience and aimed to do better in my next one, which brings us to...

My second Tutorial for the ADORABLE Catbug from Bravest Warriors:
Here is the LINK

I filmed this so quickly, all in one go and edited it the same day! I ended up filming a bit at night as well, but it worked out OK and helped to extend my 'usable work-day time' which is awesome. I realised that at least until I get more comfortable I should make slightly simpler tutorials. Although I recorded it the same way, the sound quality of my voice improved a lot, and I am really happy with how this video turned out! 

You can check out Catbug in Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover HERE
The episodes are only about 5 mins long but jam-packed full of creativity, humor & action - I finished it in two days and them moved on to Adventure Time (which I LOVE).

I really can't wait to make some more tutorials. Next on the list is this Totoro:
Wild Totoro in its natural habitat :)
Let me know any tutorials you would like to see in the future! I am keen to make anything nerdy, from Disney, Adventure Time, Studio Ghibli, any animals or any kawaii character as well!

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