Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mini Moo Cards - Review & Discount Code

 It was a very happy mail day for me today! I just received my order from and basically eeeeeee!! They are perfect, I love the rounded edges, the quality, the mini half-card size and seeing all the pictures of my little charms and roses printed perfectly. They come in the white box you see above so you are already set with perfect storage for them.

One side is standard on all the cards, and the other... You can choose the design on the back of EVERY card if you want! I designed 50 different cards and got two of each. In the future of course I will make it easier for myself and stick to five or ten designs, but I wanted to experiment a bit with my first order and see what works. They also have an option to choose from their ready made designs, which are beautiful as well. You can also choose card quality, regular, mini or square cards and a variety of other options. They have sticker books and other printed products that you can design as well so if you're just looking for business cards you have to use your willpower not to browse too much!

  My order of 100 minicards with rounded edges (which is extra) came to £13.04 which included international shipping to NZ! I ordered on the 17th of August and received my order on the 28th so the shipping was very fast. I really think these sweet little cards elevate the quality of my product, and I feel so excited slipping them in the little parcels I put together.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!

For a 10% discount on your order, use this LINK 
This is a 'refer a friend' link, which credits my account if you use it as well as giving you a discount.

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  1. Awsome Amba, that is an amazing deal! Thankyou for sharing!! Now I'm totally motivated to get on and do my own business cards... May need your help though :))


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