Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Washi Tape Haul: Featuring Designer Miki Takei

Hi there! So I recently discovered that I may be slightly addicted to Washi Tape - I thought I was immune all these years, but after getting paws on a few beautiful samples it turns out I'm sooo not!  >.<  My biggest weakness is Taiwanese and Japanese special design tape, which is often done in soft watercolours by up and coming artists and is just gorgeous! Like any good addiction, having company makes it all the more enjoyable so I wanted to share some enticing pictures of all this beautiful tape and where I got it from. I decided to split it up into two posts as there is a lot - Enjoy!

This bunch of beautiful tape is designed by Japanese artist Miki Takei, you can find her facebook page HERE. She is an amazing artist and I would definitely get more of her illustrated works (like diaries, stickers etc.) if they were easier to get a hold of. You can find some of her things for sale on Rakuten namely from THIS store, but I found the site a little bit difficult to navigate. Here is the tape in more detail:

You can find these Miki Takei tapes from several sellers on Etsy. I bought from two sellers: GoodMochi & StickersKingdom. Their price and shipping is great and the service was excellent from both sellers (about 1 week delivery time). I should just mention that some sellers offer 10m (GoodMochi) of the tape while others (StickersKingdom) offer 5m, usually for the same price. I got both kinds as I wasn't really paying attention to the length, and the quality was identical so I'm not sure why that is. Stickers Kingdom had run out of the Swan tape above, which prompted me to find it on another store (and then get a few more tapes for good measure). They asked me which tape I would like as a replacement and included a free cute mint tape (shown below) for my trouble which was such a sweet gesture!

Some weeks later I discovered by chance a bulk lot 10pcs of this same designed tape on Aliexpress (link HERE) for a ridiculously low price (US$8) and with free shipping. The reviews were good so I decided to see for myself if this was original tape. I wanted to get some for my mum and to add to a future giveaway as well :)

Picture from Aliexpress

The shipping took about three weeks which is good for Aliexpress especially over the busy Xmas season!

As you can see they came all perfectly packaged just like the original tape, and although I couldn't choose which tapes they would send, they pretty much gave me all my favourites anyway! This is a stunningly good deal and I only hope the artist isn't getting ripped off in any way as she is a sweetheart! Here is a closeup of the Aliexpress tape so you can see the quality:

It looks just the same as the ones I got from Etsy; I didn't want to actually try it out as these will all be gifts :)
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this haul, and I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! xox


  1. Love the tape haul.....! They are like miniature works of art! 😊💖

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! I own an Etsy store so I use it in my packaging & parcels and also I keep a diary so I use it to decorate that too! It just 'prettifies' everything! I also use it in place of stickers when I make resin pieces, as the repeating images give me many chances to get it right (cause I'm a noob)! Others use it for heaps of stuff, but I don't really like to use it to decorate household items as it tends to come off with handling. Here's a Pinterest board of ideas


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