Monday, 5 January 2015

Washi Tape Haul - Part 2 Taiwanese Designers

Hi Everyone! This is the second part of my huge Washi Tape haul (first part HERE) which features beautifully designed masking tape by Taiwanese designers. All of these tapes were hauled from Etsy and I had several different experiences with sellers:

Ccharetape haul: Crystal Tape, Sleeping Animals Tape, Sailor Moon Tape, Gem Tape, Four Seasons Bunny Tape

 First I hauled from a super sweet seller, 'CC Tao' (her Etsy shop CCHARETAPE HERE). Although she didn't have all the tapes I was after in stock, she had some of my favourites like the Sailor Moon and Crystal design tape. I got samples (2m) of each tape as I could get many different designs that way. Some of the tapes were not listed on her store, but after seeing pictures of them on CC Tao's Instagram @ccsharetape I asked if she had them in stock and she kindly found them for me. 

I was really blown away by this seller's customer service, how beautiful and perfectly wrapped the tapes were and how reasonable and fast the shipping was! I added the 'registered shipping' option to this order as it was just a couple of dollars and was highly recommended. I liked the mini rolls of tape, and as it was close to Christmas CC Tao included a sample of 'Merry Christmas' tape as well! How sweet :)

The next seller I hauled from was FORLAPIN with a store by the same name (HERE).

Plants Planet tape, Eternal Summer Anime tape, Plants Cartoon tape, Animal Desserts tape, Alice in Wonderland tape, Shiro Spirit tape, Bunny tape, Festival Miffy tape, Cute Animal Butts tape

The reason I bought from this seller is because they had some of the tapes that I was hunting that Ccsharetape didn't, and I placed my order from both stores around the same time. I got several samples from this store, and some full rolls as well (as the seller could only give samples of a few tapes). The tapes that were samples were not on mini rolls like they are photographed above, they were on little plastic cards. I re-wrapped them on little rolls (that I had from an earlier tape haul) to smooth out the harsh edges that appear when they are wrapped on card.

My experience with this seller was not the best; I had a very frustrating conversation which endured for 30+ back and forth messages before they managed to put the order together, and their 'combined' shipping is almost the same as the original shipping cost. This means that in a $60 order, you will be paying about $40 for shipping, which is ridiculous, especially when you see the cost of registered shipping from Ccsharetape (boths stores are based in Hong Kong). I did try to reason with them that perhaps they could combine the shipping for my order to which they replied that it automatically combines in the cart.

I was so disappointed that the seller of such gorgeous tape was so rude and hard to communicate with (often replying to me in short one liners with capitals as if they were shouting at me), but now that I've seen that other sellers are picking up these pretty tapes, I will not have to deal with this seller again. That being said, I think if you have plenty of money to spend, and buy the tapes without needing any extra communication with the seller, you would have a much better experience than mine!

Finally, I hauled again from Ccharetape as they had a few rolls of the most difficult to resist Totoro tape in stock!

I also had seen a few other beauties on her Instagram page and so I added a few more gorgeous tapes to the order. 

Totoro and Bunny Masking Tape

 As you can see the Totoro tape is amazingly adorable, and quite a large tape as well. I'm going to really enjoy using this to add a little extra touch to my packaging! The rabbit tape is also gorgeous with soft colours and strawberries, and it came in a beautiful little box!
This was a Cherry Blossom sample set, of 1m each tape wrapped on a card. The three top tapes are simply stunning watercolour designed tapes:

Sakura Masking Tape Set

 I got 2m of each of the rest of the samples on pretty little rolls:

Feather, Hydrangea & Rose Masking Tape
Wisteria & Galaxy Masking Tape

 The pictures of the rest of the tape says it all, I think! I was stunned at how gorgeous they were in person, and once again so thankful that this seller is so easy to deal with and helpful! She also included two washi tape wrapping cards for each of the full rolls which I thought was a very sweet touch! I did not add the registered shipping this time but my parcel got here in about a week all intact :) I think kindness goes a long way when it comes to customer service, and I think that if you're planning on selling on Etsy, customer service should be a focus. The fact that I and many others have had pleasant experiences with this seller has made us into loyal customers who want to come back!

One of the bonus tape wrapping cards with a picture of the characters from Totoro on it <3

Take my money, CCHARETAPE! haha (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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