Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Instagram 5k Giveaway!

Hi everyone! My 5k Instagram Giveaway is finally here! To show my appreciation I have collected some extra cute little goodies along with a handmade Little Mew pastel unicorn necklace to give to a lucky winner :)

To enter, just take a screenshot of the original post on Instagram, and repost it on your own account with @thelittlemew & #thelittlemew5k in the caption. It's a one week giveaway ending on the 9th of February 2015 Asia Pacific Time. Make sure your account is set to 'public' for this week otherwise I won't be able to see your entry! You can see more of the details on the post itself and here is a little video of what's included:

Just a few notes: I'm pretty sure the Molang diary is a knockoff (I got it from Ebay)- It is almost identical to the original though and has different little Molang illustrations on each page along with blank dates so you can start anytime. I think this is the last time that I will have extras aside from my charms for a giveaway, as in the future I want to focus more giving my own handmade charms! Also I would love to have more than one winner and this is something that I will only be able to change if the NZ postal system becomes a bit more reasonable: its NZ$23.50 to send an international parcel with tracking!

Good luck to everyone, and thank you to every Instagram follower and YT subscriber I have! You have encouraged me beyond belief :)


  1. So cute! Good luck to everyone...especially me heehee ;)

  2. Your cat is so cute!!! O(≧▽≦)O


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