Sunday, 27 September 2015

Koaru Hasegawa Artwork Mini Haul

This is just a quick picture of my mini haul from Koaru Hasegawa so I can share her shop with you!

I found out about this artist by watching a package opening by Little Saika on YouTube. I bought a set of four postcards (Postcard Set C) and the pretty little April Badge, and all the other pictures are extras and business cards! This artist is so kind and sweet I can't even deal!
The postcards are a nice sized square 15x15cm. They are printed in a high quality satin finish which I prefer as they are not overly shiny. The little pin is gorgeous and I've put it on my plain black winter coat ready for wearing.

I am so happy to have these gorgeous little pastel prints in my possession and can't wait to frame and put them up on my wall! They already beautify the room they are in with their pastel luminescence (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Kaoru's Shop: HERE
Kaoru's IG: HERE 

I have filmed the package opening of these treasures, but I wanted to share her links here first because I am still not very happy with my package opening personality on video - I am just so speechless and dumbfounded there is just a lot of silences and mumbled OMGs. So in the meantime here is Little Saika's package opening video:

Little Saika's YT Video: HERE

I hope you find something you fall in love with on Koaru's store like I did!

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